766 | +0.833% | 1 Setup | GBPJPY

very late today, missed all the AUD action

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +JPY, -GBP, –CAD
  • Asia Events: Tokyo CPI ex Fresh Food [JPY], Retail Trade [JPY]

09:41 Sell GBPJPY

10:29 close GBPJPY on H4 Support,
probably going lower, but at major support, usually, some reaction is to expect

11:21 re-entering GBPJPY very small position (just at the same level I entered the SwingTrade)

11:37 exit GBPJPY via the trailing stop,
it’s very likely going to go down more (having a 1300 pip TP on the swing trade)

13:55 re-sell GBPJPY

14:01 Stopped out on GBPJPY for a tiny Loss

14:04 re-enter GBPJPY (smaller size)

14:58 closing all GBPJPY trades, calling it a week

Total Today: 0%

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