771 | +0.658% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY

finally "on time" +NFP

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++GBP, +CHF, -CAD, –USD
  • Asia Events: Household Spending [JPY], Retail Sales [AUD]

07:23 Sell AUDJPY

07:33 stop out on AUDJPY (probably SL set too close, should re-enter at the pivot)

08:02 re-enter AUDJPY Sell

09:35 enable Trailing stop from structure resistance

09:38 Stopped out on AUDJPY with Profit


09:43 sell AUDJPY again as AUD hit’s the vWap

09:55 stopped out by trailing stop (forgot to turn that off, small profit)

11:21 Sell AUDJPY

10:02 chicken out of AUDJPY short with a small profit

12:24 re-enter AUDJPY Short with a fixed stop, targeting S1

13:14 turned the last AUDJPY position in a tick chart game, exit at nearest Support, however, it may go to S1 as planned

13:16 closing all AUDJPY

13:18 re-enter AUDJPY Sell as a very small position

14:12 scaling in AUDJPY as AUD hit’s the vWap and exit at nearby support with a tiny Profit.

15:59 sell AUDJPY

16:02 closing AUDJPY on Breakout

17:59 some pointless scalping on AUDJPY, adding a bit more profit.
was incredibly stupid as I actually called the Short .. price never went to my stop loss, but well was still in scalping-mode


Total Today: +0.651%

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