777 | +0.014% | 3 Setups | GOLD GBPUSD GBPJPY

happy crash monday

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +NZD, -AUD, –JPY
  • Asia Events: RBNZ Rate Statement [NZD], BoJ Interest Rate Decision [JPY]
  • Bank Holiday: Brazil

09:01 Sell GBPJPY

09:13 close GBPJPY (not sure why)

09:09 re-enter GBPJPY Sell from Mobile

10:04 Sell GBPUSD

11:48 Stop out GBPUSD

12:20 Exit GBPJPY

12:22 re-enter GBPJPY Sell

12:25 Buy GOLD

12:34 reverse GOLD to Sell

12:47 Stop out on GOLD and GBPJPY in a small profit

15:37 Sell GBPJPY

14:51 Sell GBPUSD

15:56 close GBPJPY on target

15:52 revenge traded my loss back on GBPJPY

17:58 some “scalping” on GBPJPY

18:43 Sell GBPUSD on vWap

19:01 dirty exit on GBPUSD as some GBP News shaking it up

19:56 accidentally closed GBPJPY, re-entering sell position

20:02 Sell GBPUSD on vWap

20:44 closing GBPJPY on Target 1 (target 2 is at 128.712)

20:55 Re-Sell GBPJPY

21:08 Scaling out of GBPJPY

21:11 scaling back in on GBPJPY

22:15 l’il bit scalping on GBPUSD

2:11 scalping the DAX to get breakeven for today

Total Today: +0.014%

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