782 | +0.687% | 4 Setups | AUDUSD AUDJPY EURUSD EURJPY

on Evaluation :P

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +EUR, -CAD, –NZD
  • Asia Events: CPI [SGD]

08:33 Sell EURJPY

09:03 Sell EURUSD on vWap

09:27 expensive Stop out on EURUSD (spread is wild today)

09:43 Sell AUDJPY on vWap

10:03 manually closing AUDJPY as it broke structure (could be a fake, but I’m heavy on EURJPY already)

11:37 re-Sell EURUSD

11:57 Re-Sell AUDJPY

12:13 Stop out AUDJPY

12:16 scale in on EURJPY and EURUSD as EUR hits minor Resistance

13:26 enable TSL on EURUSD

13:29 closed EURUSD

15:58 closing EURJPY on TP1

16:52 re-enter EURJPY Sell

17:09 Buy AUDUSD on vWap

17:10 stoped out on EURJPY

17:18 reverse AUDUSD Buy to Sell

18:02 quick scalp on GBPJPY

18:47 Sell EURJPY (again)

18:53 stop out again of EURJPY

18:56 Sell AUDJPY

19:17 Trailing stop stopped me out before the target on AUDUSD and barely Breakeven on AUDJPY

19:38 Quick Scalp on AUDJPY (I have no real idea about the targets unless they are VERY far down)


Total Today: +0.687%

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