785 | +1.529% | 3 Setups | DAX EURUSD GBPJPY

Evaluation Day 1

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +EUR, -AUD, –USD
  • Asia Events: US Senate Vote on Corona Virus Bill [USD], Foreign Bond Investment [JPY]

08:52 Buy GBPJPY

09:04 Stop out GBPJPY

09:42 Buy EURJPY (which could easily fail as we are at the vWap)

11:47 setting hard stop to 131.048 on GBPJPY

12:25 Buy EURUSD

13:52 Stop out EURUSD, reverse to Buy

14:14 reverse hedge on GBPJPY to Sell (double the position)

16:14 close EURUSD Buy

18:15 stop out DAX, selling below vWap

18:33 stoped out DAX

18:44 re-enter DAX (die-hard today) 😉

20:30 close DAX on Jobless News Data

Total Today: +1.529%

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