846 | +0.445% | 3 Setups | USDJPY AUDJPY USDCAD

late friday

Currency Data:

  • Asia News: BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: Sweden, Finland

09:32 Sell USDCAD

10:01 Stop out USDCAD

10:04 reenter USDCAD short

10:10 Buy AUDJPY

12:18 Buy EURJPY

12:29 Stop out AUDJPY

17:11 buy USDJPY

17:51 manually close USDJPY

18:04 move stop on EURJPY and USDCAD close to vWap and scaling in

18:27 Stop out EURJPY

18:39 stop out USDCAD

18:46 sell USDJPY

18:48 Re-enter USDCAD Sell (same SL as the previous exit)

20:32 enable TSL on USDJPY

20:33 closing all due to news pushing indices up (it’s likely going to the targets but I’m out)

TP USDJPY: 105.590
TP USDCAD: 1.35327

Total Today: +0.445%

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