847 | +0.961% | 2 Setups | USDCAD EURUSD

Random PA comming right up :)

Currency Data:

  • Asia Events: PBoC Interest Rate Decision [CNH]
  • Bank Holidays: Columbia

07:59 early entry in USDCAD

08:22 Stop out USDCAD (re-entering short)

09:33 Buy EURUSD off vWap

11:33 closing EURUSD manually as things appear to be weakening

12:10 move stop with TSL on USDCAD (not sure this is actually breaking out)

13:14 I have a feeling the EU Session is gonna take all the gains back
– should exit the USDCAD Position

14:03 double position on USDCAD at the vWap

14:46 closing USDCAD early as there are some EU news coming up plus London will kick in in a moment.

16:22 Buy USDJPY

17:19 closing USDJPY .. lost confidence

18:19 start to buy GBPJPY

18:54 stopout GBPJPY

18:56 buy DAX off vWap

19:06 reverse to sell and place buy stop as a hedge on DAX

19:18 Sell USDCAD

20:03 close USDCAD

23:30 Buy DAX

03:44 close DAX on H4 channel top

Total Today: +0.961%

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