852 | +0.585% | 3 Setups | EURUSD DAX GBPJPY

continuation Monday

Currency Data:

  • Asia Events: Retail Trade [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: Chile, Columbia

08:15 Buy GBPJPY

08:59 taking profit on a horizontal level
– the original target of 132.497 still looks possible

10:15 re-buy GBPJPY (very small size)

11:47 GBPJPY hit vWap. scaling in and enable TSL as this is likely to fail

12:16 reversing half of GBPJPY to Sell and let the rest stop out.

12:19 stop out GBPJPY

13:24 re-enter GBPJPY Buy

13:24 close GBPJPY as GBPUSD hits M15 resistance

14:39 Buy DAX

15:04 early exit on DAX

15:44 Buy EURUSD

15:52 re-buy DAX

15:59 stop out EURUSD

16:03 re-enter EURUSD

16:11 stop out EURUSD

16:12 Stop out DAX

16:36 closing EURUSD (paid for my fuc%up with the entries)
AUD and GBP going down as well, low probability now

16:43 accidentally closing DAX (target was 12254.58)

17:29 closing EURJPY leave half on for the swing position

18:18 close EURJPY manually

Total Today: +0.585%

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