832 | +0.229% | 2 Setups | EURJPY AUDJPY

new week, need to make some $$

Currency Data:

06:57 Buy AUDJPY

07:40 partly hedging AUDJPY

08:06 closing AUDJPY planned to hold it till 72.412 but well .. chicken out

09:27 some AUDJPY Scalping the vWap

10:15 Buy EURJPY off the vWap

11:10 Hedging EURJPY

13:11 re-Buy AUDJPY

13:26 close AUDJPY

14:12 reverse EURJPY Hedge Sell to Buy

14:17 Stop out EURJPY Buy

15:06 re Buy EURJPY

15:42 close EURJPY hedge set

15:54 re-buy EURJPY on the vWap

16:00 USD spiked massively up (Indicies went down) for no apparent reason
EURJPY dropped 62 pips in minutes, hedging

16:12 close EURJPY Hedge on m15 Support

16:33 close all EURJPY as the loss has been paid,
there is a pretty good chance it may still go to my original target of 120.18

17:57 re-buy EURJPY on the retest of support

lost my internet connection, closing the hedge position via mobile


Total Today: +0.229%

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