854 | +0.874% | 4 Setups | DAX EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD

Late start today, my daughter went back to school

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++GBP, +CAD, -AUD, –EUR
  • EU Events: Retail Sales [EUR], Unemployment Change [EUR]
  • Bank Holidays: Hongkong, Canada

12:39 Buy AUDUSD on minor support

12:46 AUD broke support, reverse AUDUSD to Sell

14:26 Sell GBPUSD and place a sell Limit on EURUSD and AUDJPY

14:36 Sell Limit on EURUSD Filled

14:45 stop out AUDUSD

14:49 stop out GBPUSD

14:57 Sell Limit on AUDJPY filled

15:00 EURX T7 offline, Selling the DAX 😉

15:23 okay that was a dumb idea with the DAX

15:48 close AUDJPY early

16:03 Reverse EURUSD to Buy before Weekly vWap

16:51 EURUSD Sell at the vWap. will scale in and set SL below

16:57 Buy GBPJPY early

17:15 closing GBPJPY Early

17:41 stop out DAX

17:59 closing EURUSD on minor Support

22:12 Sell USDCAD

1:33 closing USDCAD Breakeven as FOMC is about to happen

Total Today: +0.874%

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