856 | +0.517% | 4 Setups | DAX USDCAD GBPJPY AUDJPY

4th Jul Weekend

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +JPY, -EUR, –AUD
  • Asia Events: PMI [AUD], PMI [CNH]
  • Bank Holidays: United States (4th of July Weekend)

08:07 Sell AUDJPY

08:20 well preparation pay’s, which I didn’t do!
turn’s out I missed a support level around 74.34 which AUDJPY hit while i was entering.

08:42 Sell GBPJPY

09:06 Sell USDCAD

09:14 Stop out AUDJPY

09:15 close GBPJPY Manually

10:05 scale in USDCAD

10:59 looks like USDCAD gonna go back up before the drop
enable Trail by Trendline

12:24 enable TSL on USDCAD scale in Position,
as this looks very much like it will fail anyway
+ nothing better to do on the shitter 🙂

12:56 getting a Haircut

13:33 got me some Starbucks

13:56 scale in on USDCAD

While stuck in traffic

14:15 pretending to be a bird

14:49 Close USDCAD with a small Profit

15:17 quick Buy on the DAX

15:33 Hedge DAX prior news

15:48 reverse hedge on DAX

16:06 close all DAX

17:44 quick scalp on DAX

Total Today: +0.517%

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