Very late start today +NFP Friday

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++USD, +JPY, -CHF, –AUD
  • Asia Events: Retail Sales s.a [AUD], Consumer Confidence Index [JPY]
  • US Events: Nonfarm Payrolls [USD]
  • Bank Holidays: India, South Korea, China

11:10 Sell GBPJPY

13:37 Buy USDCAD

12:52 moving stops & scale in on USDCAD

12:56 some tweet made things move rather quickly
closing USDCAD manually

12:59 manually closing GBPJPY as well

13:23 Sell GBPUSD

13:39 Sell EURUSD & hedge GBPUSD to allow price to move further
due to news volatility scale in on the resistance

13:43 Stop out EURUSD

13:56 scaling on on GBPUSD

14:27 re-buy USDCAD on vWap

15:11 stop out USDCAD

going to buy some smokes …
back in a bit

16:41 closing everything

17:50 sell AUDUSD on vwap

19:30 Hedging AUDUSD

16:34 Sell DAX

19:42 closing all as the DAX paid for the loss on AUD and we getting close to NFP

Total Today: +1.356%

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