1040 | +0.235% | USDJPY EURUSD

Session Data:
Asia Events: European Council Meeting [EUR]
Bank Holidays: Greece
Divergences (12H): +USD +JPY -AUD -CAD

6:45 Sell USDJPY (no particular reason)

8:10 set Buy stop to hedge USDJPY

8:10 sell EURUSD

8:28 reverse USDJPY Hedges

8:39 stop out EURUSD

9:37 closing everything as I do not have a real solid target
and the price massively rejected the R1 level,
plus the ASEAN indices are going down pretty strongly,
USD Yields are up this is what pushed the USD up in the same time,
but that can be short-lived.

11:26 Sell USDJPY on vwap

12:09 stop out USDJPY

12:10 quick revenge buy USDJPY till EURUSD hits the vwap

12:14 revenge complete .. closing USDJPY with tiny profit


Total Today: +0.235%

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