1070 | -1.635% | AUDJPY DAX GBPJPY

Session Data:
Asia Events: BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes [JPY]
EU Events: Factory orders (Germany) [EUR], Economic Bulletin [EUR]
Divergences (12H): ++CAD -EUR -GBP

11:25 sell AUDJPY

12:32 moving stop dow,
as AUD seems to make a 100% retracement

12:34 stop out AUDJPY

13:12 quick scalp on the DAX

13:41 stop out AUDJPY (again + bad exit!)

13:59 reverse DAX to buy and scale in
to capture the opening volatility

14:03 close DAX

15:41 buy AUDJPY (just a quick scalp)

18:26 a bit of DAX scalping

19:02 news scalping GBPJPY

20:21 did a terrible revenge trade on AUDJPY,
I may not trade tomorrow, depending on how the mind is repaired then.

Total Today: -1.635%

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