1098 | -0.182% | BTCUSD AUDJPY

Session Data:
Asia Events: Westpac Consumer Survey [NZD], RBA Meeting Minutes [AUD]
Divergences (36H): ++EUR ++AUD +CAD --JPY

7:50 Buy BTC (M15 Structure)

7:52 buy AUDJPY (small size)

8:33 reverse AUDJPY

10:42 scale in on BTC

10:50 AUDJPY crossing the vwap
enable TSL from the high.

11:07 stop out AUDJPY (Japan CPI comments came out)

12:14 move stop on BTC to 40212.95

12:22 selling BTC to allow larger dip to form

12:27 closing BTC scale in with a small profit and fully hedging the BTC Position

13:19 close BTC on average price, calling it a day

Total Today: 0%

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