EU Events Import Prices [CHF]
Bank Holiday China

late start … sorry

13:21 sell AUDUSD

13:54 moving stop and scaling in on AUDUSD

14:22 adding small Buys to AUDUSD

14:52 sell EURUSD

15:50 stop out EURUSD

16:18 sell AUDJPY

17:32 enable TSL on AUDJPY

17:46 quick scalp on USDCAD (very small size)

18:01 stop out USDCAD

19:06 Stop out AUDUSD Sells
also manually closing AUDJPY Sell

19:11 just found a “resistance” on AUD
let’s hope that breaks, if not I’ll have a double loss.

19:37 Sell USDCAD

19:51 manually exit USDCAD

20:38 probably gonna get stopped out on the cover trade in a moment
enable TSL on AUDUSD

21:12 close AUDUSD on target

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