1153 | -0.329% | GBPJPY NASDAQ

EU Events German Unemployment [EUR], GDP Growth [EUR-IT]
US Events GDP Growth [CAD], Consumer Confidence [USD]

14:10 Buy GBPJPY
(maybe late, some resistance about 11 pips higher)

14:24 scaling in GBPJPY on the vwap

15:21 scaling in more before news on GBPJPY

16:47 placing the last GBPJPY limit order on lower support,
and move the stop below the low

17:01 buy NASDAQ

17:45 stop out NASDAQ

17:58 last line of defence for GBP Buys
(i will close the GBPJPY buys when GBP breaks the structure here,
which is very likely as the indices start to gain some significant downwards momentum)

19:34 stop out GBPJPY

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