1132 | +0.724% | HK50 AUDJPY

Asia Events Inflation [AUD], PMI [CNH]
EU Events Retail Sales & PMI [EUR], PMI [CNH]
Bank Holiday Ireland, Canada

8:56 Sell AUDJPY

9:02 Sell HK50

9:23 start to buy HK50

9:39 stop out HK50 Sells

9:57 close HK50 on previous consolidation level
(the percentages are incorrect on the screenshots
(made a withdrawal while the trade was open)

10:01 re-enter AUDJPY sells

12:34 start to reverse AUDJPY

closing everything .. deal maps are kinda messed up …
made some good profit tough on the missized HK50 trade

14:22 closing everything calling it a day.

my PnL indicator says I have a 3.6% profit, but that’s sadly not correct


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