1172 | +0.574% | AUDJPY USDCAD GBPUSD

Asia Events Leading Economic Index [JPY], Gov Kuroda Speech [JPY]
EU Events Unemployment Benefit Claims [EUR-FR], some speeches

8:22 Shaky starts…
Microsoft Windows making it extra difficult,
I dared to press the power button.

10:37 Buying AUDJPY pre-stream
(Streaming computer is still busy crashing)

10:44 wow finally the computer boots up.

12:10 Sell USDCAD to the low

13:02 scaling in on the pullback via Mobile

14:12 not allowed to use/carry a mobile inside the embassy, I may close everything here.

14:25 closing USDCAD at the low via Mobile

15:33 enable TSL on AUDJPY, as this could just be a lower high now

16:11 stop out AUDJPY via TSL

19:42 quick scalp on GBPUSD (off-stream)

Stream Recording

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