1206 | +0.439% | AUDJPY EURUSD

Asia Events PMI [NZD]
EU Events Ind. Production [TRY], 
US Events CPI [USD], Ind. Production [EUR-Zone]

Profit from this activity with 75% profit split & Drawdown limit!

8:48 sell AUDJPY

10:49 scaling into AUDJPY

11:26 scaling it a bit more, as AUD hits the vwap

13:20 quick buy scalp in EURUSD

13:24 stop out AUDJPY
(quite a large loss, but the EURUSD scalp is already paying for it)

13:54 some EU news popping in (not serious but my position is too large for a pullback) taking profit early

14:16 missed the exit, news pushed the USD up a bit, scaling in heavy on EURUSD and enabling Trailing stop

14:24 manually closing EURUSD buy’s early
(targets: 1.1448 and 1.14507 1.1459)

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