1293 | +0.339% | AUDUSD GBPJPY HK50 GBPUSD

Asia Events Trade Balance [THB], Economic Index [JPY]
EU Events Consumer Confidence [EUR-Fr], Inflation Rate [GBP]

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8:49 Buy AUDUSD
with very large stop

9:17 moving stop 17 pips closer

9:54 buy GBPJPY
this is derived from a larger timeframe Buy Signal I just posted

10:38 quick vwap scalp on HangSeng

12:51 move stop on GBPJPY and scale in

13:08 buy GBPUSD on vwap

14:01 closing HK50 as indices starting to decline

14:05 closing everything

14:09 quick scalp on the DAX

14:33 stop out Hedge Buy DAX

14:59 close DAX sells as i do not want to give back in opening volatility
original short target 14484.12 or Pivot (14421.23)

16:09 stop out AUDUSD Sell

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