1314 | +0.154% | GBPJPY AUDUSD

Asia Events Inflation Rate [NZD]
EU Events Unemployment [EUR-Fr], Business Confidence [EUR-It]

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9:26 buy GBPJPY (late)
GBP still going down, this is maybe not working out

11:17 preparing for sells on GBPJPY as everything approaches vwap
however there is a lot of support below, this may be a tough one.

11:56 quick scalp on AUDUSD (failed)

12:53 stop out GBPJPY Buys

14:25 closing GBPJPY sells on mid-level as the Indicies still try to get up
leaving a small position open for the actual support at 167.024
(I’m glad I didn’t sell into the DAX on the opening, as planned)

14:34 changed my mind, NQ is still going up,
will close the rest of the positions once GBP hit’s the Pivot

18:29 closing everything with tiny profits
bad trading today

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