Asia Events RBA Interest Rates [AUD]
EU Events Unemployment [EUR-De], PMI [EUR]
Holidays China, Japan

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9:57 Buy GBPJPY

10:43 Buy AUDJPY
tried to be a smartass and explain some things πŸ™‚

11:32 TP hit on AUDJPY
was accelerated a little bit by the news, no thanks to me πŸ˜‰


11:48 buy GBPUSD

11:56 buy AUDUSD on vwap

12:44 close AUDUSD early
also placing Sell stops on GBPUSD

12:49 early close GBPJPY

13:27 quick scalp on the DAX with trailing stop

13:59 stop out (again) on cable, party is over I’m calling it a day!

14:02 close DAX scalp in profit

14:32 Lil bit of scalping on EURJPY and AUDJPY to get some of the losses back

calling it a day. before this is getting expensive!
Two losing days in a row, that didn’t happen in over a year.

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