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9:02 Buy AUDJPY

9:38 Buy NASDAQ
placing sell stops below recent structure (as a pending hedge)

my UPS decided to bail on me, BEEP and OFF…
restarting stream Part 1 here

10:54 target hit on NASDAQ

11:24 scale in on AUDJPY and move the Stop to 92.669

13:07 close NASDAQ

13:11 stop out AUDJPY buys

13:30 close AUDJPY breakeven

14:23 quick vwap scalp on the DAX

14:29 close DAX on the low
the original target was 13684.55 (very close to S1)

14:50 buy USDCAD on the vwap

15:21 sell DAX on vwap

15:32 close USDCAD before SL hit

15:42 close DAX as CAC hits vwap
the original target was 13690 (or even S1 at 13676)

17:48 some more DAX scalping

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