Asia Events RBA Meeting Minutes [AUD], Home Sales [AUD]
EU Events Unemployment [GBP], CPI [EUR-Zone]

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7:02 Buy EURJPY
retested yesterday’s support at the end of the US session

7:46 taking the buy on AUDJPY too,
anticipating some volatility in the upcoming news

8:59 stop out EURJPY

10:02 RBA Bullard is speaking now,
removing TP and enabling TSL on AUDJPY

10:58 The AUD keeps extending,
however, the USDollar and Indicies seem to have different plans,
the AUDJPY buys may not reach the target (94.65)
moving the stop to 94.056 (allowing a vwap retest, but no break below)

11:32 quick, small vwap scalp on GBPUSD

11:43 close GBPUSD scalp

13:44 quick scalp on DAX

14:00 move stop on AUDJPY to 94.128 and scale in on vwap

15:03 close DAX scalp

14:10 AUDJPY missed TP1 by 0.1 pips (seriously??)
closing manually

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