1382 | -0.762% | EURJPY EURUSD

Asia Events Policy Meeting [JPY]
EU Events FDI [CNH]

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9:32 Buy EURJPY in vwap

10:28 very small scalp on EURUSD

10:29 place Sells on EURUSD Scalp
I also should close the EURJPY buy…

10:32 stop out EURUSD Scalp

10:38 close EURUSD counter sell on micro support
probably going to drop’s another six pips

11:34 moving stop 31 pips higher on EURJPY
EUR already failed and hovering on minor support

11:37 adding small sells on EURJPY

11:40 stop out EURJPY Buys

13:43 stop out EURJPY sells
enable TSL on Buy’s as EUR is still below vwap

15:01 taking the loss, closing everything

the current situation I’m in due to some regulatory issues
make it hard to focus properly

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