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Asia Events PMI [AUD, JPY, CNH], PMI [JPY]
EU Events Retail Sales [EUR-De EUR-Sp EUR-Nl, EUR-Zone], Unemployment [EUR-ZONE] 
Bank Holidays Switzerland

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8:33 quick scalp on GBPJPY & USDCAD
not so sure at this point where things are heading
as the USD looks kind of bearish, but so do the Yen Pairs

10:16 close GBPJPY as it pokes the vwap
the momentum did push it to my original target just a moment after.

10:17 Buy GBPUSD on vwap

10:23 move stop on USDCAD (6 pips down) and scale in near vwap

10:57 enable TSL on both GBP and CAD

11:04 move stop even higher on GBPUSD

11:37 move stop on GBPUSD again (below last low)

11:54 Sell GBPJPY on vwap

12:19 starting to close everything, here is a major thunderstorm going on,
the power just went out.

12:54 close USDCAD

12:57 quick scalp to get some numbers in

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