1409 | +0.232% | DAX NASDAQ

Late day (just quick scalps into the US Session)

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19:12 setting Sell Limits on DAX for vwap scalp

19:36 Sell DAX and NASDAQ

20:03 Scaling in on Nasdaq as it does approach Resistance, move Stop to 11658

20:14 DAX may not break below support (thinking of scaling out, as the Nasdaq still stuck at Resistance)

20:22 adding to NASDAQ shorts on resistance

20:28 NASDAQ at the vwap. closing as we are too close to the US Cash-opening
will also scale out of the DAX shorts when it hit’s the low.

21:19 looks like i made the wrong choice, DAX is barely moving while NASDAQ is hammering down.
closing DAX shorts on local support instead of scaling out.

21:56 DAX actually hit the exit point, but i kind of missed it.
Adding a partly hedge to prevent drawdown during the news.

22:03 Stop-out DAX Sells

23:09 scaling in on Vwap (will close some of the larger ones that are higher up in exchange)

23:52 scaling out Hedge Buy’s

0:11 closing all positions for this week

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