1453 | +0.039% | EURUSD GOLD DAX GBPJPY

Let’s do it.

Profit from this activity, 75% Protected profit split!

12:58 Sell EURUSD on vWap
which probably was a bas idea
(AUD and GBP are already above vwap)

13:32 Sell GOLD on vwap

14:04 Buy DAX on vwap

14:12 stopout EURUSD and close GOLD

14:19 close DAX manually for a small loss

14:22 internet connection lost, setting SL via Mobile

14:49 quick s calp on DAX to support
(sadly was not enough to pay for the loss)

17:54 hedging DAX

need to reset the Trading Computers Network,
somethings really bad is going on here
making the computer freeze all the time

18:51 Sell GBPJPY

19:53 move stop 12 pips lower on GBPJPY

20:34 close GBPJPY in volatility (US PPI)

21:04 close DAX sells quickly followed by Buy’s as the scale in on vwap paid for most of the loss

original target was 15265.4

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