1469 | -0.153% | AUDJPY DAX

Will be late today, another VET visit…

Profit from this!

14:48 Buy AUDJPY off vwap

15:06 looks like correlations are still messed up, AUDJPY isn’t moving
(while the other JPY pairs going down?)

16:52 hedging half of AUDJPY close to vwap

17:20 Stopout AUDJPY Buy Positions

17:54 closing everything via Mobile

20:58 re-enter AUDJPY (same target as before)

21:04 buy DAX on vwap

21:56 stopout DAX

22:20 i’m giving up, moving the stop to 91.303 and enable TSL
before i do something else stupid.

22:31 all closed ZERO% win rate today!

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