1478 | +0.106% | AUDJPY EURUSD

Let’s do it.

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15:38 quick test trade on AUDJPY

15:54 AUD crossing vwap while DAX, EUR and GBP already below
early selling AUDJPY

17:56 Sell AUDJPY again on vwap

18:08 AUD went over, scaling in and enable TSL as AUD just hits the vWap

18:17 AUD is dropping of the vwap as expected and AUDJPY goers down as a result,
closing everything on vwapp, the short setup is probably still working out, but the swing up was a bit too much for my taste

18:33 turns out my intuition still works …
that went straight into my SL (which was probably too close anyway)
AUD still looks bearish (vwap is holding) this could be a fakeout.

19:32 quick vwap scalp on EURUSD failed

21:08 early exit on NASDAQ scalp,
it looked much closer on M15 chart, leaving 9.4 points on the table

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