1502 | +0.035% | GBPUSD

Let’s do it.

Profit from this!

6:53 Early Sell GBPUSD

9:09 moving stop 9 pips lower

9:07 hedging GBPUSD

9:16 stopout GBPUSD

9:29 just realized i massively oversized the hedges
(stop needs to be much lower)

9:41 AUD breaking vwap, preparing to close early to prevent larger loss

about the worst place to close a buy, but the position is too large

to make things worse, the AUD Interest rate decition is coming up

12:02 closing GBPUSD and calling it a day

the buy range is much larger, but my focus is on other things plus i was just lucky, so i take the tiny loss before this is turning expensive.

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