1505 | +0.181% | AUDJPY EURJPY GBPUSD

Let’s do it.

Profit from this!

7:39 place Buy limit on AUDJPY vwap

7:51 order filled

7:59 CAD shooting up, looking for a early exit

8:27 closing AUDJPY
(AUD start’s to dropp, doesn’t feel right)

8:35 TP1 reached on AUDJPY (without me)

9:09 structure Sell, vwap still Buy, let’s who winns

Selling AUDJPY

10:42 moving stop 9 pips lower

the range is extremly small (just 7 pips below pivot)

12:46 stopout AUDJPY, reversing

probably a bad idea as AUD just hitting the vwap

12:53 closing AUDJPY Buy’s early (TP was 93.532)

14:51 Buy EURJPY (small size)

adding Buy limit near vwap

15:01 EURJPY didn’t bother to retest vwap,

making this a low volume trade

closing EURJPY on the previous high.

18:09 sell GBPUSD

18:12 hedging GBPUSD

18:21 close GBPUSD Sells near vwap

18:56 close GBPUSD on minor resistance


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