1612 | +0.042% | BTCUSD EURUSD GBPUSD

Today’s risk: 0.45%

Profit from this!

14:28 Buy BTCUSD

only half size, in hope it makes a small dip down to scale in

BTC went up almost immidealty with me not having full size on yet (limit orders were not filled)

18:02 followed by a strong pullback before hitting the target closing on the vwap retest from below (barely breakeven)

2:31 messed up both EUR and GBP trades, closing at a tiny profit and calling it a day
(closing everything as CAD hitting vwap, likely causing a small pullback)

GBP target: 1.25542
EUR target: 1.07633

lot’s of drawdown,  tiniy profit, bad day.


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