Rollover & Swap – Brokers Bookkeeping

Futures & Forex trading in a 24/5 Market environment.

additionally, Forex is not traded through exchanges.

which means at some stage data have to be “synced up”, bookkeeping has to be done (accounting stuff) and so on.

that is called Rollover

this is usually done between the US and Asia Sessions. but vary from Broker to Broker.

most brokers take a window of time between 30 and 90 Minutes to do this stuff.

what to expect during rollover:

  • your open positions will be charged Swap
    this is the “interest” you pay for the Funds the broker does “lend” you in order to trade,
    it finances Leverage, and the Risk the Brokers have.
    you can just disregard it as a “overnight fee”
  • the Spread will massively widen up.
    some Symbols/Pairs just have the wider spread till the Rollover is over.
    others, however, can have the wider spread to last for longer period of times until the Market its actually traded on re-opens.
  • Sime Symbols may have no Price informations at all (mean there will be a gap in time & Price)
    especially Bonds and Futures will stop Trade altogether.