182 | +1.113% | 1 Setup

182 | +1.113% | 1 Setup

2149   October 31, 2017 09:52   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  


05:51 good Tuesday Morning.

AUD looks like its want to move Up .. where all USD Related items look very Bearish. however there was not much action off session confirming the trend.

Divergence data
Positive: GBP, JPY
Negative: USD, CAD

08:33 Buy USDSGD
small problem, I not really have an exit .. its either the Pivot or let GOLD decide on when to exit. not sure yet

08:48 exit USDSGD as Gold hit the Pivot and pulled back gained: 0.974%
I think we will see the Pivot today with very little pulling back at 1.3626

09:12 Buying USDSGD again (this time for the Pivot)

09:31 Auto Hedge caught the sudden drop of USDSGD .. we now right at the vWap .. and i decided to buy in again

09:36 closing Short Hedge Position with a tiny gain

09:40 Closing Buy Positions after a tiny Gap upwards suggesting a volatility spike. since the position was part of an active hedge, the mission is to reduce losses. gaining 0.139% with the positive hedge and one positive buy trade.

the current formation on M30 Chart does suggest a raise .. but I won’t risk it.

Closing up today with a Total Gain of +1.113%

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2145   October 31, 2017 06:08   AoFX   Forex Signals  

NZDJPY Sell from current price 78
For enhancement Sell ​​Limit 78.58 79.01 79.40

SL 81.10

TP1 76.73 TP2 75.72 TP3 74.10 TP4 72.20

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181 | +4.289% | 2 Setups

181 | +4.289% | 2 Setups

2081   October 30, 2017 22:18   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Monday Morning

sorry guys, no Divergence data or Live-Stream Today.
im still off .. and the internet is terrible (but the beach is nice .. you can see it here)

08:45 Buying AUDUSD … just a quick look at the structure suggested me a 12 pip move.

08:53 .. too much action around here (kids, peoples, staff, whatever … I thought its holiday ?)
08:53 Closing AUDUSD Trade with barely 1 pip, gaining 0.12% (better than nothing)


### Stream Starts here ###

21:00 finally back home … firing up the Trade Computer .. in urgent need to put on something to make my Mark 😉

21:20 Quick Shorting GOLD
back to the vWap .. as the price just a few minutes ago hit the top of the channel.
Risk Reward Ratio Sucks .. as the price can easily go back up …
and guess what ? it did get up .. instead of hedging .. I scaled in.

21:30 Closing GOLD Shorts adding 4.169% to the account .. Yay .. that was a short session indeed!

Gain Today: 4.289%


P.S. glad I did exit early .. price went as expected, back up to the channel Top, it will go down, no doubt, but t his swings can cost a lot of money!

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off for Holiday: maybe no trades on Monday opening

off for Holiday: maybe no trades on Monday opening

2118   October 29, 2017 19:48   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Hey folks

Went on a short trip off the grid.

as “trading on the beach” is completely nonsense.

  • Yes I know, a lot of “educators” see that differently.
  • but let’s face it, that is why they are educators and don”t trade the millions they made already 🙂


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SwingFish Summary Week 43

SwingFish Summary Week 43

2104   October 28, 2017 16:15   SwingFish   SwingFish Updates  

SwingFish Weekly Payout for Risk-Free Plan week 43: 0.24%

ending a quite interesting week.
the main accounts had 2 down days, but one was boiled out just at the same night,
the other one remains

Top Gainer this week:

UB-Noise Crashtest with +13.27% (carries a 7.2% equity drawdown into the weekend), total gain for this Year: +48.4%



UB-Noise (GBPAUD) gained 3.94%, totalling this Year with +55.08%
will withdraw 500$ from this account.


mf-Crowd had a Truely exiting week but closed also in very good shape with 11.03% holding a 9.22% equity gain over the weekend, Total Gain this Year 74.74%.


Chatroom & Yaser Analysis (ranks last because the gain is not based on the strategy itself)
Closes with a massive gain due to BTC Spiked up to 6200$ .. (slightly oversized position)
Gain 32.5% loss for this week, but still up 43.21% for this Year.



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2093   October 27, 2017 10:45   AoFX   Forex Signals  

EURUSD Sell ​​from current price 1.1636
For enhancement Sell ​​Limit 1.1691 1.1740 1.1804

SL 1.1930

TP1 1.1510 TP2 1.1326 TP3 1.1111

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180 | +2.803% | 3 Setups

180 | +2.803% | 3 Setups

2024   October 27, 2017 09:58   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  


08:21 Friday Morning everyone.
this one will be a short session, as i go somewhere over the weekend,
I made 3.1% already in the scalping test posted last night.

Divergence data
Positive: USD, CAD, JPY
Negative: EUR

07:26 Shorting AUDJPY and Buying USDSGD

07:29 scaling in on USDSGD at the vWap

07:31 Hedging both AUDJPY and USDSGD trades

08:45 breaking up AUDJPY Hedge for a tiny gain of 0.329%
price likely to fall to 87.13 on AUDJPY .. but breaking up Hedges is about Damage control, not making money.

08:57 Buying GBPUSD

08:58 did not work .. Hedge On!

09:11 doing some extra analysis on USDSGD .. found a Tripple top .. so let’s just remove the Buy hedges and wait it out.

09:41 Closing all Trades with a total gain of Whooping 5.903%



not really 5.903%, as 3.1% of this are from my Night Scalp session a few hours ago, so the true gain is “only” 2.803% for this Friday, I’ll go out over the weekend .. so have to close up shop now … have a nice weekend guys ‘n Girls!

Total Gain Today: 2.803% (Plus the 3.1% from the late night scalping Session)


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180.0 Friday Morning Layout Test and Gold Scalping, Gaining 3.1%

180.0 Friday Morning Layout Test and Gold Scalping, Gaining 3.1%

2046   October 27, 2017 01:16   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

to eliminate another Psychology based Factor that makes you breed FOMO (among other things).

I changed the Charting Templates to becompletely in Blue/Violet colors.
(dont ask why, its just most easy to read/see)

however due to the lack of information (if needed) i filled the Bull-Candles (Candles going upwards) with a Violet’ish color. the point is that it’s difficult to see. so if i really want to find a Bull candle i still can, but in normal operations, this will apear like they are all the same.


Indicators used:

  • vWap – with optional Standard Diviation
  • Intraday Pivot Points
  • Fractals

the “Big Picture” Chart below is unchanged:


to crown the new layout I made a few tests gained 3.1% in just 23 Minutes.

no worries, there will be a “real” Trading session later .. going to bed now.

sorry about the video has no sound …
I was not even planning on streaming this .. so this is just the screen recording the Streaming software makes.

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179.1 (EU Session) | +1.72% | 1 Setup

179.1 (EU Session) | +1.72% | 1 Setup

2028   October 26, 2017 19:10   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  

Tuesday (EU Session)

could not take on the loss .. and decided to do some extra trading in the EU Session

13:05 shorting EURJPY

nothing did happen till the ECB release ..
which hammered EURJPY right to my Target Line in just one candle.

that was a nice trade indeed!

19:47 some quick scalping on AUDJPY around the consolidation

Closing today with not the loss, but a green zero (0.36%) 😉

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179 (Asia Session) | -1.36% | 3 Setups

179 (Asia Session) | -1.36% | 3 Setups

1985   October 26, 2017 11:24   SwingFish   Trading Room Journal  


07:26 good moves yesterday in US Session .. so lets see how the divergences make things “right again”

Divergence data
Positive: GBP, CHF, NZD
Negative: CAD, USD pair to watch today: GBPCAD

07:26 watching Yen Pairs making nice moves while starting the day .. which makes me angry about myself beeing late again on my desk.

USDollar Gapped down a little but but instantlyfilled it .. so we wait a little before jump into the game.

07:39 trying a quick scalp up on EURJPY .. didn’t work .. first hedge on (just 1.9 pips, nothing harmful)

### Live Stream Starts Here ###

08:23 Buy GPBUSD

08:28 Exiting GBPUSD Buy
(it should go up a bit more to the Trendline .. but volatility starting to get up .. and on a large size scalp, this can be deadly) taking 1.033% and leave it that way.

08:31 thinking about releasing the EURJPY Hedge .. but we better wait for news to calm down first.

here a quick update Screenshot (no action was taken

11:12 Nikkei spiked up and I was not paying attention, Closing EURJPY Positions with a 2.39% Loss before the damage is going to be any greater.

Closing today with a Loss of: -1.36%

Tuesday Continues here in EU Session Revenge Trades

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2014   October 26, 2017 08:00   AoFX   Forex Signals  

CADJPY Sell limit 89.35 89.59 90.01

SL 90.90

TP1 88.48 TP2 87.50 TP3 86.43 TP4 85.45

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2010   October 26, 2017 07:57   AoFX   Forex Signals  

GBPAUD Buy Limit 1.7175 1.7103 1.7024 1.6958

SL 1.6584

TP1 1.7608 TP.2 1.8284 TP3 1.9052 TP4 1.9728 TP5 2.0523 TP6 2.1239 TP7 2.1994

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