172 | +1.48% | 4 Setups

05:50 Getting started for a real Quick Session today

divergences do look good for NZD, CHF versus AUD, CAD

today will be a Short Session, as I need some other urgent stuff to attend to.
sorry about that .. I’ll make up for this in the chatroom.

feel free to stop by.

6:04 First Setup is a Tripple set as all 3 had the momentum building up simultaneously



and Buy USDJPY

06:52 exit all trades as the UsDollar Started to swing quite a bit. and I had no vWap confirmation at this point of time
(vWap Reset is with Tokyo Stock Exchange opening, where also UsDollar Futures will come back online)

realizing a 0% loss (no kidding) .. the small EURUSD Gain paid to the cent for the losses

07:12 we have now Volume and UsDollar Data, re-enter all Trades at current price

07:38 Exiting all trades .. realizing 0.804% gain.

  • time to make the school run

### Live Stream ends here ###

08:24 quick Scalp upwards on USDSGD adding another 0.68% gain.

calling it a day Total Today: +1.48%