811 | -3.76% | 3 Setups | GBPUSD EURJPY EURUSD

Holidays + aftermath of FED Rates, expect nothing

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++GBP, +EUR, -JPY, –CAD
  • Asia Events: Tokyo CPI, [JPY], Producer Price Index [AUD]
  • Bank Holidays: Labour Day (Most Countries)

08:27 Sell EURUSD

08:30 Sell EURJPY

08:54 Stop out EURUSD & close EURJPY with profit

09:17 buy EURUSD on vWap

09:33 stop out EURUSD

09:36 Sell EURUSD on vWap

09:53 hedging EURUSD

10:03 Sell GBPUSD on vWap

10:52 close GBPUSD in a loss

11:07 reversing EURUSD for the last time to Sell
(likely a mistake as we just at the vWap)

11:11 it was .. re-hedging EURUSD

11:19 re-sell GBPUSD for the breakout (again bad idea)

11:39 stop out GBPUSD

12:29 re-sell GBPUSD

12:59 reverse EURUSD to Buy

14:33 close EURUSD

15:30 Sell EURJPY

15:36 close EURJPY

17:16 went into a gigantic mess in EURJPY losing almost 4% will stop trading for this week.


Total Today: -3.76%

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