812 | +1.06% | 4 Setups | USDCAD AUDJPY EURJPY GBPJPY

slow monday ahead

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +USD, -NZD, –CAD
  • Asia Events: Building Permits [AUD] , Manufacturing PMI [CNH]

09:16 Buy GBPJPY

09:22 close GBPJPY, looks like Nikkei is about to Rollover

09:42 Buy EURJPY

09:51 looks like Nikkei is rolling over, setting Hedge below vWap on EURJPY

10:02 reverse EURJPY to Sell with hard stop

10:18 accidentally hedged EURJPY (close it buy with tiny profit)

10:26 closing EURJPY
messed up twice, and made money, better leave it at that before this is getting expensive

11:36 Buy GBPJPY

12:10 hedging GBPJPY

12:13 reverse GBPJPY to Sell,
probably a bad idea as there is support not far down

12:44 close GBPJPY Sell
likely gonna keep going down, but I’m not very confident.

12:51 Sell AUDJPY on vWap

13:12 change in plans, buying AUDJPY with TSL of 68.178

14:25 Buy USDCAD

14:33 Stop out on USDCAD

15:21 reversing hedge on AUDJPY

15:47 close all on AUDJPY

16:38 Sell EURUSD on vWap

16:44 stop out EURUSD

16:50 re-enter EURJPY Short

16:55 reverse EURUSD to Buy (revenge time)

17:02 reverse to EUR Sell with TSL

17:16 scale-out 25% of EURUSD half in the range

17:24 close 95% on EURUSD Sell

17:41 close all positions

17:58 Sell EURJPY & DAX

18:09 Stop out EURJPY

18:14 Hedging DAX

18:30 reverse DAX to Buy

18:58 reverse DAX positions

20:14 hedging all .. going to have some dinner

20:51 back from Dinner, continuing short (take a loss on the hedge buy)

21:03 closing all positions as the loss was paid for.

Total Today: +1.02%

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