815 | +1.116% | 2 Setups | EURUSD EURJPY

super late

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +USD, -GBP, –CAD
  • EU Events: Industrial Production [EUR] , BoE Interest Rate Decision [GBP]

11:22 Buy EURJPY (probably a bad idea)

11:48 Hedging EURJPY, on the vWap (wasn’t a real setup anyway)

12:01 Reverse Hedge to Buy

12:31 closing EURJPY early as I am not very convinced in the trade
(plus i want to get me some coffee) 🙂

12:59 re-buy EURJPY

13:06 changed my mind, hedging EURJPY
– The Dollar is moving up, but the Nikkei is at horizontal support

14:02 GBP News gonna shake the tree will use the volatility to exit my Hedge

14:03 scaling in on EURJPY

14:05 close all EURJPY positions

14:21 buy vWap on EURUSD
– small size, with a large stop due to GBP Volatility and London Opening

14:39 partly stop out of EURUSD

15:18 close the rest of the EURUSD Buy via trailing stop

18:06 quick Sell on EURUSD

18:25 accidentally activated TSL with the StopSyncer,
– got me stoped out just a few pips down (target was 1.0776)

19:42 re-enter my failed EURUSD short

20:21 close EURUSD Sell on the previous TP level, likely dropping a bit more.

20:24 re-enter small in EURUSD Sell will scale into the vWap

21:51 closing EURUSD
– price starts to act strangely) original target of 1.07662 is still in play)

Total Today: +1.116%

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