819 | +0.601% | 1 Setup | GBPJPY

very extended markets, lets try some pullback's

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++EUR, +JPY, -GBP, –CAD
  • Asia Events: Current Account n.s.a. [JPY], RBA Monetary Policy Statement [AUD]

08:39 Buy GBPJPY

10:04 partially hedge GBPJPY due to AUD News may affect the indices

10:16 reverse hedge to Buy on GBPJPY

10:51 stoping out GBPJPY the position with a small gain

13:59 hedging everything prior news

14:02 price went sharply below vWap
reversing GBPJPY hedge with a tiny loss due to slippage

14:11 enable TSL2 on GBPJPY as it passes the resistance line,

14:11 stopped out by TSL 2.8 pips over the resistance (free money) 🙂
the original target of 131.841 (pivot and 38% retracement) is still valid

16:48 quick scalp on AUDJPY

17:58 close AUDJPY Buy (original target 69.536)

Total Today: +0.601%

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