820 | +0.762% | 2 Setups | EURJPY USDJPY

continuation ?

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +USD, -GBP, –NZD
  • Asia Events: Foreign Investment [JPY], Unemployment Rate [AUD]

07:54 Sell USDJPY (small size)

10:36 scaling in on USDJPY & add BUY STOP Outside M15 structure

11:04 sell EURJPY on vWap

11:24 pending Hedge on USDJPY filled

12:27 scaling in 10% on USDJPY

10:03 enable TSL on USDJPY

13:11 TSL closed USDJPY as price moved down fast
The original target of 106.761 is still in play

13:28 quick scalp on EURJPY

14:01 close EURJPY on support
I can not really find a “better” target more down

14:31 re-sell EURJPY (very very small size)
trading another account, just doing the same trade here

16:30 Stopout EURJPY
Price went EXACTLY to my stop level and turned right back down, well not a big loss just a few micro lots

16:59 re-enter EURJPY Sell

17:18 was probably a bad idea (looking on EURUSD and EURJPY together)

17:20 scaling in full size on EURJPY *revenge time* 🙂

17:54 stoped out again (reentering at the vWap

18:19 FINALLY !! got my money back and added some, what a shitty day
closing everything.


Total Today: +0.762%

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