821 | -0.355% | 4 Setups | DAX EURJPY USDCAD AUDJPY

late friday, no setups

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +AUD, -EUR, –JPY
  • Asia Events: REINZ House Price Index [NZD], Industrial Production [CNH]

09:56 Sell AUDJPY

10:02 scale in on the vWap

10:19 chicken out on news, closing AUDJPY

10:50 buy USDCAD on vWap

11:07 Sell EURJPY on the vWap

11:15 closing EURJPY
as correlated things start to move in the opposite direction

11:45 Re-buy EURJPY (super small size)

12:09 close EURJPY

12:21 Buy DAX

13:33 reverse USDCAD to Sell
however, that may be a bad idea as the price is very close to weekly vWap

13:10 enable TSL from previous consolidation (M3) on the DAX

14:30 Stop out USDCAD

15:12 closing DAX with TSL (original target 10549)

15:21 Re-Buy DAX, on micro support

16:03 Buy GBPUSD

16:18 Stop out GBPUSD

16:26 re-buy GBPUSD, use the newly created low as Stop level

16:45 stop out GBPUSD (again)

18:12 close DAX manually as PA shows some signs of reversal
my analysis could be wrong, the original target was 10 556.56
plus I am WAY too big in size to allow this to pull back more, so better just take what we have.

18:46 re-Buy DAX

19:03 Stop out DAX .. reverse to Buy

19:05 just realized that I sold right into Support, that may not work at all
Placing hedge buy above minor Resistance

22:33 closing all DAX positions

23:09 quick scalp on AUDJPY to get some of the loss back

Total Today: -0.355%

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