823 | +0.501% | 2 Setups | AUDUSD AUDJPY

all extended out

Currency Data:

  • Asia Events: BoJ Monetary Policy Statement [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: Turkey

07:58 Buy AUDJPY

08:08 can’t really find a target for AUDJPY

08:14 closing AUDJPY at a horizontal level from M30

08:39 re-enter AUDJPY on vWap

09:06 hedging AUDJPY
it’s a small position so I can scale in on the way down

10:06 Buy AUDUSD (very small size)

11:02 Stop out of AUDUSD

14:06 close Hedge Short on AUDJPY with a tiny profit

12:12 wrongly enabled TSL on the Buy-side on AUDJPY
got stop out shortly after closing the hedge by TSL only making a super small profit
TP1 was 70.3 and TP2 was 71.01

16:18 re-buy AUDJPY

16:32 Japanese News hit, setting hard stop

16:36 exit AUDJPY
the setup is still valid, should have just set an SL below vWap,
AUDJPY is very likely to keep going up

17:15 re-buy AUDJPY

17:52 hedging partly as it drops sharply

18:02 close hedge on AUDJPY as AUDUSD hit the vWap
setting SELL STOP on AUDJPY just in case vWap does not hold on AUD

18:26 enough scalping .. gonna need a secretary to log that all 🙂

20:30 quick buy on AUDJPY (testing the new Stop Syncer)

21:06 The US Dollar raises sharply on news, closing AUDJPY (final TP is still 71.01)


Total Today: +0.501%

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