826 | +0.632% | 2 Setups | GBPUSD GBPJPY

being late

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: +GBP, +EUR, -CAD, –CHF
  • Asia Events: BoJ Monetary Policy Statement [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: ..

09:02 some small sell on GBPJPY an GBPUSD
don’t really know how things go

09:49 closing GBPJPY & GBPUSD on minor support

10:45 Sell vWap on USDJPY

11:24 re-Sell GBPJPY to the next level
it may pulling back more, ill then stop it out or hedge

13:37 Partially Hedging GBPJPY

14:03 close part of the hedge position on GBPJPY
probably too early

14:12 closing everything on GBPJPY
hedged twice, plus a way too wide stop, gonna get too expensive on stop loss

16:51 Sell GBPJPY

17:15 hedging GBPJPY partly (60%)

17:21 reverse Hedge to Sell

17:39 accidentally closed GBPJPY, re-entering on the structure high with small size

18:07 stop out of re-entry on GBPJPY

Total Today: +0.632%

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