908 | +0.417% | EURJPY GBPJPY AUDJPY

oversleept badly, sorry

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++JPY, +USD, -AUD, –GBP
  • Asia Events: RBA Meeting Minutes [AUD], Retail Sales [CNH]
  • Bank Holidays: Slovakia

9:02 Sell GBPJPY

9:17 going for the breakout on GBPJPY (probably a bad idea)

9:21 Sell AUDJPY

9:31 stop out AUDJPY on AUD News

9:33 reenter AUDJPY Sell on Resistance

11:02 Stop out AUDJPY
AUDJPY is close to resistance (looks short)
but GBPJPY seems to have a bit to go,
Reversing GBPJPY to Buy and scale in

12:45 the Pivot is very close to the first target on GBPJPY
I may scale-out there or close it all.

The actual targets on GBPJPY are 27 and 43 pips higher.

13:04 closing everything

13:42 re-buy GBPJPY

14:21 close GBPJPY, (The original target was/is 136.225)

14:36 start buying EURJPY

15:06 take profit on EURJPY (looks like a bigger pullback coming up)

15:39 closing GBPJPY early, as the US Dollar “seems” to gain some momentum.
probably just opening volatility.

my damm internet disconnected AGAIN !!! calling it a day !

Total Today: +0.417%

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