Finally Friday! (i need some sleep)

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CAD, +NZD, -JPY, –USD
  • Asia Events: National CPI [JPY]
  • EU Events: PPI [EUR], Retail Sales [GBP]
  • Bank Holidays: Chile

8:32 buy GBPJPY

9:23 Sell EURJPY & Reverse GBPJPY

9:43 stop out EURJPY

9:47 sell AUDUSD

10:43 Stop out by TSL on AUDUSD
accidently enabled TSL the last time I set the stop on AUDUSD
that was stupid…

10:58 re-sell AUDUSD on the vWap

11:08 stop out AUDUSD

11:14 sell EURUSD

12:40 scaling in on EURUSD (it’s about to fail) and moving the stop

13:29 stop out EURUSD

13:33 placing Hedge order above on GBPJPY as the sentiment seem to be more bearish for the US Dollar
also selling AUDJPY in the meanwhile from the vwap.

14:13 manually closing AUDJPY to reduce exposure
turned out to be adumb idea

14:28 reversing partial hedge on GBPJPY

15:08 taking the loss on GBPJPY


Total Today: 0%

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