1181 | +0.556% | GBPJPY HK50

Asia Events Building Permits [AUD], Service PMI [CNH]
EU Events Trade Balance [EUR-DE]
Bank Holidays Peru

7:22 buy GBPJPY
for the last leg up to H4 resistance
it’s a negative RR but high probability.

8:38 quick scalp on Hangseng before China PMI

8:49 close GBPJPY on target

10:51 hard-reverse Hangseng

11:00 lunch on Hangseng, price stop moving for 1 Hour

13:09 hedging HK50 partially

14:03 quick scalp on GBPJPY

17:40 closing HK50 hedgefest

again, just like yesterday the last numbers are incorrect, the gain shown is so large because i made a change on the account balance during the day.
sorry about that

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