1184 | +0.993% | EURUSD DAX GBPUSD

Asia Events Machine orders [JPY]
EU Events Industrial Production [EUR-Zone]
US Events Inflation Rate [USD]

14:11 buy & sell EURUSD
(for the breakout)

14:47 looks like DAX breaking structure,
scalping upwards

14:52 scaling in on DAX as it dips down from R1,
move stop above vwap (bad idea)

15:21 close dax as massive momentum punched it up to a consolidation level

15:21 used the CLose-All feature on Streamdeck,
this also closed the EURUSD trade.

18:28 buy GBPUSD

19:02 stop out GBPUSD

20:02 quick scalp inflation off stream news (not counting to PnL of today)

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