1359 | +0.296% | EURJPY NASDAQ

Asia Events PMI [AUD/JPY]
EU Events Business Confidence [EUR-Fr], PMI[EUR-Zone]

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8:26 Buy EURJPY
using a large stop in case it’s going to test support

8:48 looking again at EURJPY, this may not work
we had a double top on H4

9:36 move stop on EURJPY higher

9:40 Sell NASDAQ on vwap

9:46 stop out EURJPY
realized this was S1 and a good level to scale in,
if that works out, i’ll get stopped out on the NQ shorts as well.

10:42 starting to place hedge orders on NASDAQ

Streaming computer crashed randomly!

11:32 stop out hedges on NASDAQ

11:48 scale in on NASDAQ (TP at a much closer level inside the structure)

12:21 restarting Livestream (old Stream here)

13:25 placing Sell Stops below structure on NASDAQ

13:48 adding higher sell limits,
news were good, but somehow it appears to be bearish still
taking profit at nearest resistance instead.

14:18 stop out NASDAQ Hedges

14:35 scaling out of NASDAQ Sells

14:38 changed my mind, taking profit early, closing everything

14:48 quick short scalp on NASDAQ

15:08 stop out NASDAQ

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